Christening Script with Butterfly Cake Topper Personalised For Girl or Boy


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Communion  Cake Topper made from Acrylic beautifully designed in our top quality products

When you know what your baby is !!! Its a Girl cake topper.  Personalise your special occasion by having only the best quality acrylic cake topper.
the beauty and the beast gorgeous cake toppers to for any princess are made to fit on either a 6 or 8 inch cake tier they are made from 3mm thick acrylic or wood, and come with on a prong roughly 6 cm in length, available in lots of colours and finishes, including our beautiful matte finishes

Not what your after maybe our custom cake topper is what you need go here

cake toppers made from MDF will require the prong be covered with either cling film or nail polish before inserting the prong into the cake, all other materials are food grade safe